7 Canadian Female Entrepreneurs On Mindset For Business Excellence

I'm excited to publish pearls of wisdom from modern day warriors - women entrepreneurs.

You all know the challenges of building a business and leaving a mark through your influence. Yes, it might be tough. But it's doable.

I handpicked 7 Canadian female entrepreneurs from different industries with one common thread - they are re-defining stereotypes and norms we are used to.

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Inspect Your Money Mindset Even If Money Isn’t A Struggle For You

Money Mindset: inspectHaving a business is perceived as a ticket to freedom. More and more people these days aspire to become their own bosses, build multi-million dollar companies, create financial freedom or cash in on their passions.

I think the trend is right because the world is changing and we need to start taking responsibility for our future.

Yet statistics still show us a high failure rate for small businesses.

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